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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Reducing our impact on the environment is an important focus at Sedgeford Hall Estate and so, wherever possible, we are taking steps to reduce waste, support our community and work regeneratively. No project is too big or too small - ranging from our resident Bug Hotel, lovingly named 'Bugford Hall', to our newest project, a 44.5 hectare solar farm.


Regener8 Power is working with the Estate to develop a 21 MWp solar farm and battery storage facility on 44.5 hectares of land at Sedgeford Hall.

We are proud to work with Regener8 to develop a solar farm that will generate approximately 22,600 MWh of clean renewable electricity per year by using photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. 22,600 MWh is enough clean electricity to meet the energy needs of around 6,275 homes. The solar farm will also result in a CO2 saving of over 10,400 tonnes per annum*. (* Source: Renewable electricity output and energy conversion calculators, Scottish Govt. )

There is also a provision for an on-site battery storage system that will supply renewable electricity to the local grid at times of peak energy demand, providing security to the UKs energy supply. 

During its time in operation the farm will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife to flourish and the site can still be used for grazing.


Sedgeford Hall runs off a Biomass Boiler which is a renewable energy source, generated from burning wood, plants and other organic matter. It releases carbon dioxide when burned, but considerably less than fossil fuels.

The carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the months and years that the plant was growing. The process is sustainable as long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel.

There are some carbon emissions caused by the cultivation, manufacture and transportation of the fuel, but as long as the fuel is sourced locally, which Sedgeford Hall is committed to supporting, these are much lower than the emissions from fossil fuels.

The Biomass heating systems at Sedgeford burn wood pellets to provide warmth to power central heating and hot water boilers as our renewable energy source across the Estate, including the swimming pool.


We have recently switched to NAKED SPROUT tissue products, in an effort to reduce the impact we have on our environment. While it might not seem like a big change, we do go through a large amount of toilet and kitchen roll products for each changeover and so are keen to be as environmentally conscious as we can.

Naked Sprout Toilet & Kitchen Rolls have:

  • 50% less CO2 than any other brand
  • No bleach, scents, plastic or harsh chemicals
  • Fossil fuel free manufacturing
  • Plastic Free Packaging 

For more information check out

Each of our properties are also equipped with refillable cleaning products to avoid single use plastic waste. The eco friendly cleaning brand, BRIGHT EARTH, offers cruelty-free cleaning products which are made in the UK using naturally derived, plant based vegan and biodegradable ingredients. This forward-thinking sustainable cleaning brand also offer their products in recycled plastic and donate 10% of their profits to charity.

In each of our bathrooms we provide luxury hand wash by ODYSSEY, a wonderful collection which contains essential oils of geranium with the complex aroma of black pepper and sandalwood. Made in the UK and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Supplied in a refillable bottle, again, ensuring we avoid as much single use plastic as possible during our changeover between guests.


We work with local suppliers to offer delicious welcome hampers for our guests to sample on arrival. By sourcing tasty treats from local businesses we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint and support local independent retailers, including:

  • THE NORFOLK COOKIE COMPANY – Brainchild of couple, Mike Fish & Samantha Tate, The Norfolk Cookie Company is hoping to bring authentic cookies back to Norfolk & beyond! On their quest to create the best tasting cookies they focus on traditional, authentic methods from production process, to even the packaging
  • NORFOLK CORDIAL – Made in North Norfolk using UK-grown soft fruits and 100% recyclable & reusable packaging
  • JAVABEAN NORFOLK – Have partnered with some of the worlds best coffee producers to bring an exciting range of coffee from around the world, to their roastery here in Norfolk. Working directly with coffee farmers who share their passion for high-quality, sustainably produced coffee, they pride themselves on having an ethical and transparent supply chain.
  • NORFOLK TEA COMPANY – With tea that is ethically sourced, they strive to be kinder to our environment. 100% of their packaging is plastic free.
  • THE REAL NORFOLK CAKE COMPANY – Are a small bakery located in Downham Market, Norfolk. They resurrect old traditional British recipes as well as producing their own creations. All of their cakes are hand crafted.


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